“Breathe Peace” Painting and Coloring Page

I used to teach my clients to “breathe in peace”.  It is one of my favorite ways to “break the pattern” of anxiety and calm the body, mind and emotions.  Recently I was reminded of the power of breathing peace and was inspired to paint a scene from the garden of my heart to remind me to stop  and breathe in peace.

I took photos as I progressed in the painting process.  As I work on a project, I log images in a creativity log.  It helps to acknowledge the progress made and helps me to step back and see the painting more clearly for next steps.


There was of course a haiku that accompanied the image.  I decided that the words weaving through the painting were enough for the original painting: suggesting to breathe in “peace to me” and breathe out “peace to you”.

However, when I decided to turn the painting into a coloring page, I added a haiku:

Breathe in “peace to me”

Pause for a moment of Peace

Breathe out “peace to you”


I had so much fun making this project that I went on to order a custom clock for my studio with the “Breathe Peace” painting; another way to remind myself to pause and take time to breathe in the peace that is present.

Any time is a good time to Breathe Peace!