Just “Be” On Purpose

This image started when I planted a little packet of sunflower seeds in my garden, a gift from a friend.  I had never grown sunflowers or any other flowers from seeds before.  Then one day as I walked through the garden, I saw one of the sunflowers and what caught my eye was the bee crawling in the very center of the sunflower.  bee-one-proces

First I took the photo and then I was inspired to draw the flower with the bee.  Of course, that led to creating a watercolor and a haiku.  This was during a time when I was posting weekly Heart Haiku paintings on Facebook and the haiku was:

“bee, one with the sun

bee, sunflower, on purpose

just be, on purpose”

This version was done as a watercolor with text added in Photoshop.

My next step was to create a simple vector coloring image which at first was very simple, then I added the haiku.  Later I used it to send to a friend as a birthday card.

At some point the cognitive therapist in me entered the creative process which led to the idea of using the petals to represent qualities of the true self; which led to the “I AM” in the center with the music of the heart flowing through the heart. The petals are filled with positive qualities of the heart and the true self.


The bee inspired me by his focus and purpose.  Creating an image and coloring it with purpose supports my intention to deepen a positive self concept and stay aligned with my true self and on purpose with my life.


May you always be on purpose in your self talk and in what you claim as your core values, intentions and qualities.

This version, the original, was a moment in nature, created by God, and with agreement from the flower and the bee,  captured by me with my iPhone.


May you always be on purpose following your heart.