Back to Basics

This week, (it is now Friday, March 11,2016) I have felt moved to return to the basics of where I began with my Heart Haiku.

It began as a daily spiritual practice; a way for my heart to speak to me, or just speak.

The earlier versions included:

And all were just simple drawn and inked lines.  The words were shared separately and not always added to the image; though there has always been a haiku.

I realized recently that as I began to add the pressure of creating them into watercolor images and more, I began to lose the essential joy of creating and hearing the message from my heart.

So this week I chose the focus to “return to the basics” and spend a minimum of 5 minutes a day to focus on my heart and sketch the winged heart and its haiku message.

So far this week, I have 5 image.

The first 3 are fairly simple:

The fourth is evidence that the cognitive therapist in me still lives and speaks through my heart!


Today’s Heart Haiku is my response to the heart breaking things I hear and see on the news and on Facebook.

This is today’s Heart Haiku for Peace