Blossoms of Grace

Blossoms of Grace is a painting and heart haiku that evolved and developed over the span of 4 months.  I was just along for the ride and doing my best to listen and follow as it called to me to color on purpose.

It is a creative process that started as a pencil sketch/doodle and then inked with a little watercolor added.  Then time passed and it re-emerged as a digital project.

The process began during a Conference I attended online on Friday, July 1, 2016 and as usual, during the workshop, I needed to doodle and draw.  It helps me to focus and listen  and to stay on purpose.

This year for the Conference, I was participating online so I was in my studio and had the luxury of “doodling” on a larger piece of paper. The focus of the conference was the Sound Current of God and inspired me to draw a vine of night blooming jasmine with my heart riding the flow above the earth in my dreams, traveling in Soul.

This is when I realized the enormity of the need for the background of inner-stellar space and that was part of what stopped me from working on the hard paper version.  And to date, I have not worked on it again.  But maybe, someday!

By mid-July, I became immersed in summer homework and the completion and sharing of “Follow Your Heart to Peace!” coloring  book and journal.  So I did not work on this painting idea for about 3 months.

Sometime in July I submitted this iphone photo of the finished and inked drawing for vectoring, but the vector artist was on vacation so not available so this drawing did not make the cut for the coloring book project.

used to create a vector version

Then in September the vector artist returned and asked if I still wanted it vectored…this was the result.

vector version received

I have had so much fun turning my art into vectored art that it inspired my first coloring book….another story, already told!  And that project, Follow Your Heart to Peace: a coloring book and journal, was the main project keeping me busy.  And so this design did not make the cut for that book.

On Tuesday October 25, 2016, I was moved to get this project out, staring with the vector image, and create a painting in photoshop. I had fun coloring in the flowers in white and coloring the earth. The “accidental” coloring that I really liked was when the outline of the whole shape went from black to gold. I never looked back after that. Accidental inspiration!

stages of development

I found a night sky background photo and began tweaking and editing it and adding more details and Light; it really began to come alive for me.

At that point the haiku was:  flowing in the light  /  resting in blossoms of Grace / dreams of soul travel


When I woke the next morning, Wednesday, the  haiku had changed to:

flowing in the light

my heart dreams of soul travel

 in blossoms of Grace

On Thursday October 27, 2016, I had noted in my journal that I “completed blossoms of grace haiku painting”.   This is that version…

finished…but NOT really….

However 10 minutes later, I went back to Photoshop thinking that maybe I would shade the flowers with gold for depth, I tried out the idea before retiring for the night.  It barely shows here and I did not save the experiment.

experiment with beginning to shade flowers

Then on Friday October 28, 2016, the painting woke me up at 5 am.  I am dreaming and thinking about this every night so there is no rest until it is really completed.  I worked adding more definition to two lights in the sky, gold shading on flowers and a few other details….several hours of details!

And, AGAIN,  I thought it was “complete”!

almost there….not quite….

And again I was wrong.

Deciding when to stop a painting is one of the more challenging and critical moments since there really is no end to the directions that can be taken.  I have and am still learning to really listen to the painting and to that creative whisper of the heart.

This time,  a little whisper from my animated heart haunted me…..”where is the dreaming smile”?

So, I surrendered to my whimsical heart…and added the smile on the heart.

added smile for the dreaming heart

It is a subtle touch of completion of coloring on purpose and hard to see in the overview but my heart knows and is smiling too.

Then, the election and the turmoil in our country and in the news.  Praying for peace, in reality and in dreams, I was moved to add “peace” to the haiku and painting.

final image: heart and soul pray for peace

“flowing in the light

my heart dreams of soul travel

in blossoms of Grace

viewing peace on earth”

I so enjoyed coloring  to completion an image that arose as inspiration from my heart and soul.

May your days be filled

with inspiration, purpose

and a smiling heart

may you add to peace on earth

in gratitude



Completing Purpose with Heart

I want to share how I moved into completion of my latest project Follow Your Heart to Peace Coloring Book and Journal –  with a little (a lot!) help from my heart.

I began working on it since, at least, August of 2015.   I did hit “mid commitment blues” – that’s where you can’t remember why you started a project and cannot yet see the end!  I had many times I thought I would stop and a few times declared it complete.

However, my heart was not “complete”  with the project. This has definitely been my own personal journey of following my heart into peace.

I have shared that I have a daily practice of listening to my heart and then drawing/sketching the winged heart and writing an accompanying haiku. Some days I just sketch in pencil and other days I ink the lines and sometimes I color the image.

I have noticed that scanning the image changes the image…so here is a photo of what it looks like in creation mode! I find that the inking and coloring help to anchor the message in my mind, emotions and body. It’s like stamping  it “message received”.


I am sharing here a few of the daily heart haikus that occurred during my July month long push towards completing the project because I really do listen to my heart and that is how  and why I reached completion of the book.

My first clue that I would be reviewing and completing the book was on July 4, 2016, perhaps appropriate that it was Independence Day!   For me it was “IN” dependence day-returning with-IN to focus and listen to my heart to lead me.

My morning heart haiku, not so subtly pointed that out.  And I was given a vision of how the 4 weeks of the month could be divided into “manageable” steps to completion within the month of July.  Honestly, at that time, it only looked good on paper….still felt overwhelming.

Create the flower; finish what you have started;  completion is joy

On the next day, still overwhelmed at the idea of completing and publishing within 4 weeks, this was my heart’s message to bring my mind and focus present:

And in reviewing what I had in files I began to know how much I had already accomplished and how close to completion I might be.

So I began….one day at a time.

At the end of week one, this was the morning haiku:

completing week one; heart leaps into happy dance; joy reverberates

Time and time again the morning heart haiku would bring me to focus into the purpose of the moment or of the day:


each moment, practice; holding a steady focus; build strength or purpose

One important message I received often during the month’s push to completion was the message of balance and remembering to rest. Here is one of those reminders:

remember to pause; there is a purpose in the pause; tasks are like heartbeats; it’s the pause that refreshes; finding the rhythm

There were many reminders to honor stages and steps of completion and to celebrate progress not perfection.

lines of completion; mark progress along the way; progress, NOT perfection; celebrate stages

My heart providing encouragement on days of doubt…


and honoring personal completion:

sometimes completion; done with excellence & love; is a gift for you

So to honor the completion I photoshopped in the coloring book/journal image onto the daily haiku image and a new haiku emerged:

AB12HH-August4,2016-revosed-haikucompleting with heart

working with Love as your friend

smooths the way with Grace

I am grateful for completions and for the path of the heart and walking and working with Love as my friend and guide.


May you be blessed to work with Love as your friend.  

in gratitude