Drawing Flowers on Purpose

 This is the story of “why I draw flowers”; of course, as with everything, there is a purpose. The flowers have a purpose and that purpose is joy.

One day in 1988, I was sitting on the couch in my home.   I think it was a wintery Sunday. There was a fire in the fireplace. My two dogs were sleeping nearby. I was drawing. It was the first time I drew flowers of any kind; these had faces.

come home1
“Come Home”

I heard singing inside of me – like angels singing “come home, come home, come home”. I felt completely at home within myself.  I had never before felt so peaceful.

That began the journey with and the story of the flowers.  Which has also been the journey of my “Discovery” of the world of drawing and it’s joys.


Here are samples of doodles, drawings and paintings from over the years – “joy flower” expressing a moment of joy; “frog prince”; “yawning flower doodle” from a boring meeting; “I brought you a bouquet” – message from my heart; “the seed maker” – creator of stories (to lure me further into the flower’s world!).


Flowers to support the purpose of keeping my mind focused on the flower in the center of my heart. For a therapist dealing with diving into the depths of sadness with others, the purpose seems clear and was successful in redirecting my mind, comforting my emotions and uplifting my heart.

the world of the flowers comes into focus

I have folders and files filled with images: a flower holding the world in the light; a portrait that remained unfinished when the flowers decided to come out to play in it!; a photo of a child became a princess flower; a garden story revealed a Wisdom Flower overseeing them all.

flowers on a mission

One day, I just wanted to draw without purpose and just play!!! My unconscious and the flowers had other ideas and the Garden of Peace drawing began to emerge. It ended up being a drawing with more purpose than most! The words that accompany the drawing are “Once upon a time her heart came to rest in the garden of peace.” In the leaves are the word peace in about 6 different languages.

peace flower
“Once upon a time, her heart came to rest in the garden of peace.”

Recently I surrendered to the persistent spokes-flowers of the heart, and here is the process of this drawing over the past few months. image #6 has a haiku over it – feeling stuck, : I guess that is me talking to the flowers! J

iPhone photos of progress on the flower story drawing

Completion has its own joy and purpose.

Today, my purpose was to complete the flower drawing.  So I am celebrating cooperation with the flowers and telling their story!!  They are friends that live in my heart.

Greeters at the door

The flowers are always on purpose; they are bringers of joy, pushing through my resistance, claiming my attention and refocusing my mind into my purpose and into joy.

May you find a purpose that lifts you into joy.