Color On Purpose has a purpose!

 What a concept!

Giggling-Heart-sm My intention is to encourage, uplift, inspire and support you to use your creativity to support yourself…with your coloring practice (habit or addiction!), your goals, your prayers, your self concept, your relationship with God….with YOUR purpose.


I am writing from my own experience of how I have used my art and creative impulses to support, uplift, encourage and inspire myself over a period of 40 years, through divorce, bankruptcy, single parenting, depression, anxiety….just your normal everyday stress of living, working and serving.

If you are reading this then perhaps you are an artist or someone who loves to color or someone who is challenged by anxiety or depression and needs to anchor their thoughts into a more positive focus.

As a Marriage, Family Therapist and a trained Cognitive therapist, I have learned the value of how coloring works.  Coloring is a method that can be done “just for fun”.  However, I am suggesting that if you are going to color, then why not combine that with focusing your thoughts, your prayers and affirmations and thereby more deeply aligning and internalizing them as part of your purpose.  Coloring focuses the body, the mind and with that, the emotions.  That is how cognitive therapy works – focus the mind on something and the emotions and the body follow.

So if you want a calm and peaceful mind….color calm and peaceful images and words.

If you want to focus on and internalize an affirmation, color it in; spend time focusing on it.  That is more fun than repeating it a thousand times! And then you will have a beautiful rendition of your affirmation to keep nearby and to support your intention.  Even if you devote 5 minutes a day to coloring in your intention coloring image, that is time well spent in holding your internal focus and strengthen your intention.



I think my use of my art to support my direction and goals began in 1980 when I created, sold and basically started to follow the instructions in this poster.

Then I began my journey to follow my heart which led to a career in psychology.  My counseling theory was based on “listen with your Heart” combined with cognitive therapy and supporting development of positive self concept and self respect.

I have a daily spiritual practice drawing this winged heart and writing a message  from my heart; “My Heart Speaks”.  I usually select one a week and ink and paint it and then post of Facebook to share to encourage others.





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