“Follow Your Heart to Peace” Coloring Book & Journal

I am personally thrilled to announce that I have completed a yearlong project to produce and offer “Follow Your Heart to Peace!” coloring book and journal.


This coloring book and journal is designed to support the process of bringing your body, mind and emotions into a unified focus to promote peace within.

There are 12 coloring pages and 12 corresponding journal pages. Each journal page includes:

  1. A question to encourage you to explore your heart
  2. Lines to encourage you to journal your thoughts or write your own haiku or poetry
  3. A space for you to draw or doodle
  4. A little haiku from my heart to yours

Each page is blank on the reverse side.   They are shown here for you to see samples of the journal page that follows the corresponding coloring image. 

All coloring designs and haiku are inspired by my own heart’s journey and 25 years as a cognitive therapist working with people of all ages, encouraging heart centered living.

I taught heart centered breathing skills to help people to center their focus in the heart to bring calmness to the body, emotions and mind. It is referred to as coherence and is when your body, mind and emotions align and work together; also called peace. This coloring book and journal is designed to support you in naturally coming in to that focus and peaceful state while enjoying coloring, focused on the heart.

How coloring works to promote peace!

I have made an illustration of how I see coloring working to encourage peace. I have found that coloring gives the chattering mind and restless body focus and purpose, which in turn can calm the emotions and bring moments of peace.

Coloring with a focus on the heart is a gift to uplift the mind, calm the emotions and feed the hungry heart with positive images and words.


In my many years as a cognitive therapist, I loved encouraging creative expression and heart centered living. This coloring book and journal is a natural blending of that work, my life as an artist, my love of peace and my own journey on the path of the heart.

Two of my paintings that were transformed into coloring pages for this book:twopaintings&colpage-etsy-story-photos

Coloring with a focus on the heart

– gives the mind an uplifting purpose

– gives the body a clear and manageable task

– gives the emotions a safe and happy place

– steadies and calms all levels

and is a kindness to self by feeding the hungry heart

with positive images and words.

This book can be a loving gift to yourself or someone who may need support to refocus on the dreams of their heart. I hope you will enjoy this coloring book and journal and find many moments of peace as you color in the images and journal the impressions of your Heart.

To find out more about the coloring book: www.etsy.com/coloronpurpose 

For more information about Color On Purpose: www.facebook.com/coloronpurpose

With a grateful heart,



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