Angels on Purpose

Angels are one reason to “color on purpose”. Yes, I believe in angels. No, I do not know what they really look like. Art is interpretation of imagination and feelings. I have had too many experiences to not believe in angels. Some of the stories are too long to tell and I have no illustrations to share.  I think part of the human purpose in drawing angels is an attempt to acknowledge and connect with an energy of hope, encouragement and support that is invisible and yet we somehow sense within and around us.

The first time I drew an angel was in 1994. The original drawing is about 12” x 15” and done mostly in pencil with some added color pencil. It is dated 1994. The gift of the drawing came with a story-poem and a blessing. I still have it framed with story poem and blessing in my home.GuardianAngel&Ozzie-edit-blog

I tried to get a photo to include here….and my cat Ozzie decided that he needed to be in the photo.

The drawing came with a “story poem” and a “blessing”:

The Angel’s Story

My angel came to me one dark night

as I lay alone, filled with fright.

She told a story, a song of love

in whispered tones like a dove.

Then sounds of music filled the air.

Feathers gently brushed my hair.

I share this story of hope with you.

Perhaps my angel is your angel too.

My angel came to me one dark night

and filled my heart and Soul with Light.

Angel copy
Guardian Angel of Peace

The Angel’s Blessing

May you look with the eyes of a child.

May you see the wonders of your Heart.

May you be comforted by your angel’s Love.

The second drawing that I did of angels is an illustration of my childhood bedtime prayer that I drew in 2000.

“Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my Soul to keep.

If I should die, before I wake

I pray the Lord my Soul to take.”

I prayed this prayer without much thought as I grew up. As an adult I went through a period when people around me thought it was wrong to mention death and gave me all kinds of novel ways to change the wording for my daughter to make it “happier”.

I finally decided to draw and illustrate the prayer, as I remembered and envisioned it.  Apparently, I completed it on my birthday in the year 2000.

Bedtime Prayer

The fun part of this colored pencil drawing was how the shapes in the background sky emerged on their own.  As I lightly colored the sky, the shapes would emerge…faces, angels and different shapes and more…and I just cooperated with what the paper was revealing and allowed them to remain.

Recently I was moved to honor and play with the guardian angel and turn the original drawing into a coloring page. So perhaps others might enjoy coloring with the purpose of honoring their own guardian angels.

HH-guardian-angel copy

The coloring page haiku reads:

when you least expect

guardian angel of peace

will come to your heart

Here is a link for a pdf of the Angel coloring page that you can download and print: GuardianAngel-coloringpage

And in closing…..The Angel’s Blessing

May you look with the eyes of a child.

May you see the wonders of your Heart.

May you be comforted by your angel’s Love.




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