Color On Purpose

Hi and Welcome! This is my first posting.  I have been mini-blogging on Facebook since January 2015, posting weekly Heart Haiku’s with a painting.  The paintings began evolving and demanding to be turned into coloring pages!

Yes, I think the paintings may have a life of their own!  I am just the zoo keeper and servant to the ever evolving process!

My experience includes 25 years as a Marriage, Family Therapist using art as therapy to support expression of emotions and cognitive therapy to support positive mental focus.

My own art has been my personal therapy.  I have rarely been able to use art to express negative emotions.  It pours through me and lifts me up.  The focus is always uplifting and began in 1978 with a painting of a winged heart and the words “always follow your heart in all ways.”


In 1980 I published the poster and a line of greeting cards.  The intention was to encourage and inspire individual and world peace. etsy-poster&cards

I have long wanted to create a coloring book and that is in process as I write this.  Here are a few of the pages waiting to jump into the book!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love encouraging people!  I love drawing and designing!  I love to paint and color!

These Adult Coloring Pages are intended to support you to be on purpose and deepen the value of the time you spend with coloring.  Coloring calms the emotions.  It does this by focusing the mind; as the mind relaxes and focuses on a physical task, the emotions calm.

It is also important or useful to choose WHAT you focus on.  The mind and emotions follow what you focus on.  I choose to draw positive images and words to strengthen and grow a positive mental focus.   It is my intention to continue to add images with prayers, affirmations, positive self talk – positive images and positive words.

By choosing to include positive, uplifting words in your coloring, you support your intentions to grow and expand the positive parts of your mind and emotions.

My motto is “Feed the flowers of your mind!”….not the weeds.

These are tools to support you in calming the mind, emotions and body.



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